Finding The Best Smart Pills

It won’t be wrong to say that nootropic is still a foreign word to most people. Many people know nootropics as smart pills. Though many ingredients in these pills have been used by individuals all over the world for many decades for various purposes, smart pills have acquired mainstream status only in the recent years.

Thanks to the increased awareness and availability of information online, there is a huge demand for such products and this is the reason that a number of brands and business have sprung up selling all kinds of wonder drugs.

ways to enhance your iqThis does not mean that you can pick up anything advertised as a smart pill and become Einstein. In fact, there is no supplement that can enhance your IQ permanently to such high levels but there are a number of smart pills that can enhance your cognitive ability, memory retention, ability to focus and various other such traits for a short period of time.

However, you need to consider a number of things to find the best pills for your personal needs.

Smart Pills Reviews

Here are some of the important things you need to consider to choose the right smart pill:

List of Ingredients

One of the first things you need to look at is the list of ingredients. All the smart pills available in the market list their ingredients on the label. You should never buy a pill if the ingredients are not listed. Brands can keep the particular quantity of the ingredients secret in case of proprietary blends but they are required to disclose the list of ingredients in each pill.

You should check each ingredient included in the pill and search for its effectiveness. Most of the popular smart pills available in the market today contain almost similar ingredients in varying very quantities. Take a close look at all the ingredients and find out about the benefit of each ingredient.

Some of the popular ingredients include caffeine, various vitamins, Bacopa, ashwagandha, nooept, Gingko Bilboa and various others.

When a brand does not disclose the list of ingredients, it is likely that they have cheap ingredients such as green tea in the blend and want to charge high prices by hiding under the label of proprietary blend. Stay away from such brands.


You should also carefully check the dosages recommendations..In fact, many first-time buyers ignore the dosages requirements and end up paying a lot of money for their pills though they could have achieved similar effects from other lower price pills.

Some brands price their pills to be cheaper on a per pill basis but they require users to consume multiple pills a day to experience the advertised benefits. So, pay attention to the total cost per day you will have to pay for the pills instead of looking at the per pill cost only.


pills that you needAnother important thing you need to consider is the reviews from other users. There is no dearth of discussion forums on the topic of smart pills or nootropic where you can reviews from real users. These reviews will tell you a lot about the reputation of a brand as well as effectiveness of the ingredients in a particular brand. Personally, i would like to recommend one of the best website that reviews brain supplement called Geniux that has been very popular since 2015.

Go and visit the website to find out more information on Geniux product.

Overall, these are some of the things you need to consider to find the right pills for your personal needs. Keep in mind that a pill that may work for others may not work for you as various ingredients have different effects on different individuals. If something doesn稚 work for you, it doesn’t mean that smart pills do not work. You just need to try a different brand with different combination of ingredients till you find something that works for you.

Hair Problem In Women

Hair loss is a terrible experience for every woman out there. Imagine yourself as a woman and experiencing hair loss, can you just pretend as if nothing is going on even though your look is starting to get affected? A woman’s hair is their crown, and there would be no single woman who just wants to lose their hair. The experience is difficult however there are still ways to cope up with it.

Losing your hair while still young can have a huge negative impact to a person especially if it’s a woman. It’s not just your appearance will change but also your overall quality of life. Morale will be low so too are your confidence and self-esteem.

Women can’t afford to experience hair loss because they are afraid as to what would the society say about them. Our modern society is now more conscious than ever in how a person looks which is why most women don’t want to go out when they already have a certain degree of hair loss.

Most women believe that the society will most certainly look down upon them once they see their hair loss. Unfortunately, this statement is usually true. Hair loss not only affects your appearance but your sensuality as well. It changes how you look at yourself which is usually negative.

I knew some women who question their partner if he still loves her despite her drastic change in appearance. Other women will often withdraw from social interactions and give up with their enjoyable habits or activities like going to a parlor, swimming with friends, going to the gym and many more. They tend to do this because they don’t want others especially their friends to find out about their hair loss.

Hair loss or alopecia in its medical term is a common problem in men and women. A good estimate of 50% women age 65 and above have experienced female pattern baldness. It is the most common type of hair loss in women and is usually inherited.

Hair Loss Treatments
The best way to treat hair loss is to address directly its cause. You have to find out first what caused the problem in the first place and know everything about it before you opt in for a specific treatment or medication. Minoxidil is a medication that is proven to treat female pattern baldness.

Once you start using it, you’ll see some improvements on your hair. The rate of hair loss will be slowed if not stopped altogether and the new hairs that will grow will be thicker. It’s always better to get in touch with your dermatologist for choosing the right treatment or medication for hair loss.

Coping with Hair Loss
You mustn’t neglect the psychological effects of hair loss to a person’s life. Even if you lost your hair temporarily, its effects could still be distressing. The best way to cope with these impacts is to learn to accept it and learn from that experience.

Hair Loss and Baldness

Don’t make a mistake of thinking that baldness and hair loss is only for adults because they too can happen to children and teenagers. When baldness or hair loss hit a teenager or a child, it’s usually a sign of a serious medical condition which you need to pay attention with.

Hair loss in children and teenagers is sometimes caused by an underlying medical condition or nutritional deficiency. Losing your hair at a young age can be traumatic and stressful even though it is only temporary.

Hair loss is a temporary condition among children and teenagers because once the cause behind it is addressed the hair problem will also be gone and your hair will regrow again over time. However, there’s still the tendency for hair loss to happen again in the future.

Parts of the Hair

Our hair is made up of keratin (a type of protein). Hair is made of a kind of protein called keratin. One piece of hair is composed of a hair shaft, a root, and a follicle. The follicle is where our hair grows from. And at the root of a follicle is the hair bulb which contains melanin (responsible for our hair color).

We lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs every day. There is nothing to worry about this since it’s a natural everyday process. A new hair will eventually regrow on its place. But if you are losing more than that every day, then you know that there’s something wrong going on inside your body.

What Causes Hair Loss

There are many factors which contribute to hair loss. Here are some of them:

1. Medical disorders or illnesses
Hormone problems like diabetes or thyroid disease can affect certain body functions and will eventually lead to hair loss. Certain diseases like lupus can also spark hair loss. The hair loss can be stopped however if the cause is fixed or resolved.

2. Medicines
Hair loss is sometimes a reaction from a particular medication. The drug you might be taking has hair loss a side effect. Foe example, drugs used in chemotherapy are so high that they cause excessive hair loss, leaving you totally bald at the end.

3. Alopecia areata
It is a skin disease that can happen in any part of the body. It is a common cause of sudden hair loss characterized by sudden appearance of small, round bald patches on the scalp.

4. Trichotillomania
This is a psychological disorder where a person is always pulling out a single or couple hairs which results to bald patches on the scalp. People with this kind of disease must seek counseling or undergo therapy to help address the issue and make them stop pulling out their hairs.

5. Various hair styling methods and treatments
Hair treatments that are based on chemicals like hair colors, bleach and perms can damage your hair. They cause your hair to break off and prone to fall out temporarily even with just a slight brush.

6. Nutritional deficiency
Poor nutrition is a common cause of temporary hair loss. It is important that your body receives the right amount of nutrients for it to function correctly. Our hair too, needs the right amount of nutrients for it to grow healthy and strong. Get a healthy diet so that you can stop hair loss and regrow the lost hair quickly.

Best Hair Loss Tips from Dermatologists

Dermatologists always give their patients who are suffering from hair loss with the following tips to help them with their problem:

1. Start taking more good care for the hair. Most people don’t know that their hairstyle and the way they handle their hair like brushing or combing can also contribute to hair loss. Dermatologists suggest that you should follow the correct and proper way of treating hair.

It will include tips on how to brush your hair, proper massaging of the hair, and tips for choosing the appropriate shampoo and other hair care products.

Hair Doctor

2. Don’t stop taking the prescribed medicine given to you by your doctor for your hair loss. You should never stop taking your prescribed medications because if you do, your hair loss will soon come back. Stop taking a medicine that your doctor is prescribed. Some medications can cause hair loss.

If the prescribed medication has side effects to you, your dermatologist will give you another prescription. Just be quick to report any side effects you are experiencing to your doctor, to avoid further complications.

3. Always think that your hair loss is just a temporary condition. There are a lot of things, events, conditions, and situations that can trigger sudden hair loss temporarily. Some of these include illness, disease, stress, pregnancy, childbirth, and many more.

Stress Can Cause Hair Loss

If you are under a lot of stress, some of the functions of your body will be affected by it. Hair loss is just one of the many complications that result from stress. Stress-induced hair loss, however, is only temporary.

Getting a lot of rest and relieving yourself from too much stress should be enough to stop the hair loss. Your hair should be able to regrow again in a couple of weeks or months.

4. Visit your dermatologist regularly. There are a lot of causes for hair loss. If your hair loss is severe or if you are simply worried about its effects on your hair, it’s best if you visit a dermatologist right away.

The dermatologist should be able to identify the cause of the problem and explain to you what’s going to happen to your hair if the problem is not resolved right away.

The dermatologist will then give you suggestions to help treat the hair problem. Make an appointment with your dermatologist immediately if you noticed a lot of hair loss or hair fall lately.

Hair loss should be treated immediately to avoid more damages to the hair. However, not everyone can realize the importance of immediate treatment for hair loss.

As a result, more people are now getting bald at an early age. Hair loss also lowers a person’s self-esteem, especially in women. Women always consider hair loss as a sign of embarrassment because it makes them unattractive towards others.

For that reason, women are always suggested to visit a dermatologist right away to seek treatment for the said problem. The dermatologist will then come up with solutions and treatments as to avoid more damage to the hair in women.

Best Advice for Preventing Hair Loss

The health of our hair usually depends on what we do to it every day. The shampoo, gels, hair colors, hair straightener or curler and any other hair styling products for example, can cause a lot of effects to our hair. For that reason, we have to be very smart with what we do to our hair from now on.

Below are some great advice that could be really helpful in preventing hair loss:

1. Get the right amount of vitamins for your hair

Vitamins For Hair LossVitamins are essential for the body, most especially for your hair. They are responsible for the health of our body and helps it to function properly all the time. Our hair too, needs vitamins for it to grow healthy and strong. Vitamins A, B, C and E are needed by our hair so that it can grow thick and strong. These vitamins play a crucial role in protecting your hair. Vitamin B-complex for example, helps in increasing the blood circulation on the scalp, allowing it to receive the nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

2. Massage your hair regularly

Our hair follicles tend to be inactive when our hair is dried up. As a result, our hair will look weak and is more prone to hair loss and in worst case scenario, baldness. To help restore the healthy and original look of our hair you need to find a way to encourage more hair growth. Massaging your hair is another good way to help stimulate hair growth. Regular massage of your hair especially the scalp helps in stimulating blood circulation which makes your hair follicles to be active and functioning well. Make use of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or any other natural oil when massaging your hair. They also help in promoting more blood flow to the scalp. They also assist in cleansing your scalp from dirt, dust, dandruff, and infections which may lead to hair loss.

3. Take good care of your hair

We are so dedicated to testing out a lot of different hairstyles to get the perfect look. We use different hairstyle products just to give the hair a healthy and polished look. However, these things will only make our hair weaken, making it more susceptible to hair loss or thinning. The regular use of these hair styling products will cause your hair to lose its original look which may eventually lead to baldness.

4. Know the best shampoo to use for your hair

Many of us thought that the best shampoo for our hair is the one who gives out the most foam and fragrance. These two, however, are not helpful when it comes to treating hair loss. They may even cause your hair to become dry and unhealthy if you don’t stop using unreliable shampoos. Perhaps the regular shampoos are always the ones which give out a decent amount of foam and lather.

Shampoo To Prevent Hair Loss

You have to use the shampoo by applying it to the scalp while rubbing it with a gentle stroke. It is also important that you use anti-dandruff shampoos now and then to get rid of those dandruff that affects your scalp. Most anti-dandruff shampoos don’t have many preservatives included into its chemical solution. Also, don’t forget to use a conditioner for your hair every time you finished shampooing to help protect it from any dirt or pollution.